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Tuesday, Mar. 31, 2015
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Exercise may help speed recovery for critically ill patients (03/31/15)
WASHINGTON -- The intensive-care unit is a last frontier for physical therapy: It's hard to exercise patients hooked to ventilators. Some hospitals do manage to help critically ill patients stand or walk, even if they're tethered to life support. Now research that put sick mice on tiny treadmills shows why even a little activity may help speed recovery...
Study: An apple a day may not keep the doctor away (03/31/15)
CHICAGO -- An apple a day doesn't necessarily keep the doctor away. That's according to proverb-busting research that found daily apple eaters had just as many doctor visits as those who ate fewer or no apples. The findings don't mean apples aren't good for you, but they do underscore it takes more than just one kind of food to make a healthy diet and avoid illness...
Butler County deemed one of least healthy in Missouri; Cape and Perry much better (03/31/15)
Despite state-of-the-art medical facilities and ample opportunities for exercise, Butler County is one of the unhealthiest in Missouri, according to a recent report. Perry County, which pulled a 15 ranking of 114, and Cape Girardeau County, coming in at 36 of 114, were the only beacons of wellness in Southeast Missouri, according to the report...
Four by Four 3/29/15 (03/29/15)
Jonnetta Alexander Cape Girardeau Southeast student 1-What do you make of the NCAA tournament? I don't watch it. I only watch reality TV shows and cartoons. I haven't paid attention to March Madness at all. Play jumprope, eat popsicles and stay out late...
Words and memories from 1952, and time for spring cleaning (03/29/15)
While strolling, I wondered whatever happened to Alfred Schlitt. Happy birthday this week to Jill Hornback, Howard Campbell, Harold Landawee, Charles Westrich, Abby Seyer, Jill Pobst, Paula Hornback, Randy Buchheit, Mary Jo Barlow, Danny Terhune, Hillary Eichhorn, Samantha Montgomery, Jonathan Hendrix, John Menz Jr., Doris Moore, Robert Ward, Meagan Ruiz, Laddie Bridwell, Barb Griggs, Ken Keller, Lurline Crump, Donna Sadler, Judy Sanders, Ernie Duncan, Megan Steimle, Darlene Dumey, Ersell Robins, Sierra Miller, Randy Dunn, Rosemary Hendrickson, Candice Snider, Allissa Coomer, Tim Stone, Grace Givens, Allan Horrell, Dora Avance and Terry Lynn.. ...